• VX One Australia
    VX One Australia The VX One is a modern light one-design sports boat raced Australia wide!
  • VX One Australia
    VX One Australia The VX One is a modern light one-design sports boat raced Australia wide!
  • VX One Australia
    VX One Australia The VX One is a modern light one-design sports boat raced Australia wide!
  • VX One Australia
    VX One Australia The VX One is a modern light one-design sports boat raced Australia wide!

Newsletter May 2020

Presidents address


BrianCaseHeadShotBrian Case
President VX One National Association


Welcome All,

We are all in challenging and unknown times and I respect and empathise with the hardship that many may endure during this Covid-19 crisis. Getting on the water to enjoy our boats has become difficult so we long for the day that this is over and we can crack that kite and blast away.

Most of you probably know by now that we have unfortnately had to postpone the Mid-Winter Nationals in QLD due to COVID restrictions.  The target now is mid July so stay alert for updates, we'll try to lock it in as soon as possible.

Welcome to the new look Australian VX One newsletter format, we trust you will find this both informative and inspiring in all things VX’ing.

In the Summer of 2019/20 Australian VX action has been fantastic, regattas in four different States and participation continuing to build.  The foundation and work completed by the previous Committees to get us to this stage has been sensational and I’m sure I can say on behalf of all owners and crews that we are very grateful.  John and Brett Whitbread and Michael James, we dip our hats.

The new Committee, elected at the AGM in Lake Macquarie have a big task ahead to maintain member satisfaction and growth but I’m pleased to say we are ready for the challenge.

This newsletter is the first initiative with a goal of both keeping members informed of all current and future VX action as well as a fantastic tool to promote our great Class.

In this edition you will find the program of regattas for Summer 2020/21, designed to avoid conflict with other events and also to promote Club racing.

You will also read about current State activity, boat movements and all sorts of boat tips and information.  If you have a tip or tactic you'd like to share with the community in the next edition then please send it in.

I trust you will enjoy it and also contribute to future quarterly editions.  May I also say that if you require any information regarding anything VX One related please contact me directly on 0427723385.




State of the class

The coming season is shaping up well with six regattas on the calendar! It's great to see fleets building in so many states, new boats hitting the water and so much interest in the class, who doesn't want to go for a sail on a VX One?

Current Australian VX One Fleets:

QLD 18, VIC 8, ACT 6, SA 3, NSW 2, TAS 1

Total: 38 boats and growing

Your new committee

President: Brian Case (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Mob: 0427 723385)

Vice President: Fred Kasparek (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Secretary: David Hyde (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Treasurer: Steve Girdis (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

State representatives

QLD: BrettWhitbread

NSW: David Hyde

ACT: David Smith

VIC: Chris Bland

SA: Chris Dean

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Australian VX One 2020/2021 Regatta Schedule

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Thanks to all State reps for coming together to coordinate this program and have it out so early. Competitors can now plan so much easier. How many boats are going to do the lot?

Did you know that most regatta results from the past three years are on the AUS website. Please let know if we are missing any.  Click here. 

The round table. What's happening in the states?

VIC News - Chris Bland

Well, due to RGYC’s hectic summer schedule of 49er/ 49FX/ Nacra Worlds followed by Laser Master National and World Championships the site needed to be cleared of hard stand boats and major interruptions to normal sailing programs. This, although being pretty cool to witness, made it difficult for much VX One activity.

For the weeks that there was racing I know that the lads on KC, Velocity One and Silver Fox got to put on a show.  Sadly, Geelong lost a boat recently with Jarrod Wallis’s Public Enemy heading to SA, the beginnings of a fleet over there hopefully.

A Winter/ Spring Series is being worked on currently to include all VIC boats on a fortnightly basis. This would include coaching elements and three quick races per day.
More details coming shortly.


NSW News - David Hyde


Things have been a bit quiet in NSW after the Nationals and with only two boats we are very keen to enlarge our fleet. We have several potential buyers, but boats are pretty scarce these days which is reflection on how well the class is going at the moment.

I suppose it’s a good problem to have and the NSW people are just going to have to travel if they want to sail with other VXs. Looking forward to first getting back on the water especially now that the NSW states have been moved to the 26th and 27th of September at Royal Prince Alfred yacht club Newport. They have first class facilities with two cranes, there will be plenty of parking and docking available also. We have a sponsor who is putting up cash prizes and sailing gear as well as free tee shirts for all competitors.

Pittwater has a bit of a reputation for being a tricky place to sail, but after Metung and Yarralumla last year I would say that everyone is going to love it. Accommodation is plentiful but not so cheap so I would suggest getting together and renting a large house with other sailors if you want to save some cash.

Exciting period here in SA.

Up to now, myself Scott and Kirsty have been the only VX One sailing on the metro coast in Adelaide. Craig McPhee has been sailing his boat in the Murray River at the Clayton Bay Yacht Club.

Clayton Bay run races up and down the river where it is very shallow and lots of land around. Very hard place to sail a VX One to its full potential but despite this Craig has been competing, and in many cases been winning races despite not being able to let the boat run free.

We are very luck to sail on one of the best stretches of water on the metro coast in Adelaide. We are furthest south of the metro clubs and enjoy clean water and fantastic backdrop to race against with ochre coloured cliffs and white sandy beaches along the coast. Sea conditions are varied with conditions ranging from 5-25 knot flat water sailing when the wind is blowing from the south moving through the east to the north, to great ocean swells when the breeze blows from the south west which is our sea breeze direction.

Up to now, the VX Ones in SA have not sailed against each other. We have both been sailing in our clubs mixed fleet racing division using a CBH handicap which really means nothing in most conditions. It is still something to bet a few drinks on though, which make it fun.

New things to happen which are exiting for the future:
Chris, Scott and Kirsty have upgraded to boat 278. Name still to come but was Jarrod Wallis’s “Public Enemy”.

Simon Bath and Collin Gordon have bought 280 from Chris Williams and will sail at Adelaide Sailing Club most of the time. There is a lot of interest with others at that club, so hopefully more will follow.

Craig McPhee sailed his boat in the ocean for the first time in early March and bolted his keel down for the first time as well. Although most of the 7-hr race was in very light winds, I saw the smile on his face after doing the last 2 hours sitting on low teens when the sea breeze came up for the last 2hrs of a marathon race.

We are keen to sail together in the future which will be great. Hopefully some more boats come on the market so that we can keep building in SA.



QLD News - Brett Whitbread



After the Nationals it was business as usual for the Brisbane fleet, averaging 10 boats each week for racing out of RQYS.

Normally the winds start dropping off this time of the season but we seemed to cop solid 20kt sou’easters every week, and for as long as I can remember we’ve lost the most races for a season due to too much wind. In fact, one of the races sailed was probably a bit too much with 4 out of the 7 boats retiring due to breakages, including Michael James breaking his mast due to a rigging failure. Mack One continued with their Nationals form winning 7 out of 8 races, with a good mix of placing for 2nd and 3rd. There has also been a bit of boat movement with David Redding purchasing Sticky Fingers, and current Flying 15 National champion Ashley Smith purchasing Slick off Brian Case. This brings the Brisbane fleet up to 16.

Camaraderie in the boat park is at an all-time high.


ACT News - Dave Smith

Well, what an amazing summer series we nearly had! Luckily, the weekend Point score and Championship series concluded just as the pandemic ramped up early in the new year. Unfortunately, we were unable to sneak in the Matt Owen Regatta. The regatta is a fund raiser for Rare Cancers Australia. It is a three-race series and a great way to celebrate and remember Matt’s enormous contribution to CYC.

The VX One fleet in Canberra continues to build with the addition of Andre Webster, Andrew Reed and Robin Malpas purchasing a second hand VX One. This is a hot crew and individually have many national and international achievements. Alf and Lori-Carman Jonas have purchased Freddo Kasparek’s AUS184 Weapn of Choice.

This is another great story on how Alf and Lori learnt to sail on the CYC adult sailing course, sailed a catamaran and RS200 for a couple seasons then took the plunge upgrading to a VX One (full story from Alf and Lori below). There is a rumor that there might be another VX One in the pipeline and local VX’ers are nurturing this along.

This season’s CYC Point score and Championship series results were tight with scores coming down to the wire. Freddo on ‘Weapon ofChoice’ has taken 1st place, Ben Pfitzner ‘Lets be Natural’ has taken second place and Dave Smith’s ‘Allegro’ finished third. The Pointscore was the opposite in placings with Dave Smith’s ‘Allegro’ finishing first, Ben Pfitzner placed second and Freddo Kasparek third.

Despite the isolation restrictions impacting the sailing world, there was a rumor that a lone VX took the opportunity to sneak in a few training runs (appropriately separate-of course). Attempts were made to photograph the suspects, however, just like the Loch Ness Monster, they have been unsubstantiated in their identification, as they allegedly had brown paper bags over their heads!

One of the highlights for the Canberra VX family was the Michael James Training Weekend in February. Michael arrived Friday night and spent a rock-solid day on Saturday going over rigging setup, sorting out some rigging issues followed by some on-water coaching. We thoroughly appreciate Michael taking time-out to help lift the skills and knowledge for some of the crews and bring us some of those VX insights being disccovered by the QLD fleet. We demonstrated our appreciation for Michael’s visit with a BBQ at Dave Smith’s house on Saturday night. We had a great turnout with all VX One crews coming along.



Tips, Tricks, Tactics & Stories


Boat Maintenance - Bennett boats - David Hyde


Overall, the design and manufacturing of VX One’s since inception has been outstanding with the proof being what we can put these great little boats through.

One of the issues that I have found with my older Bennet built VX One is the water leaks in the hull. Fortunately, they are easy to find and fix. I apply air pressure with a vacuum cleaner on low setting that has an outlet that you can connect the hose to. I then wrap tape around a smaller diameter hose that goes into the bung hole. When the hull is pressurised, use soapy water to find the leaks. So far, I have found leaks on the rudder pintle bracket fasteners, the keel case and the forward bulkhead where the bowsprit tube is attached.

On my boat, I remove the keel and the fore and aft blocks to gain access to these areas where the leaks occurred. I used epoxy resin to repair the leaks not a sealant like Sika flex or Silastic which will move and start leaking again.

Another issue for early Bennet boats is the forestay lower saddle bolts which are smaller diameter than the later boats and have a risk of failing. There is quite a bit of discussion on the American VX owners Facebook page and I think most people are aware of the issue. I have some spare titanium ones if anyone needs to replace theirs.

All simple really and a testament to how good this Class is.


Our introduction to the VX One

New VX One owners in ACT, Alf and Lori Jonas.

After a short season sailing a Maricat 4.3 back in 2018/19 and then another season (2019/2020) sailing an RS200 with CYC, Lori and I decided to step up and join the VX One Design team here in the ACT. Lori and I have become the proud owners of Fred Kasperak’s ‘Weapon of Choice’.

Having completed the adult sailing and race courses at CYC around the same time as James and Nathan (now on AUS127 Beast-1), and knowing Nick from Allegro through our musical endeavours, and Ben from his wonderful ‘Let’s be Natural’ store in ACT, we’ve had a very pleasant introduction and acceptance into ACT’s VX team. Fred took us under his wing and took us ‘flying’ in Weapon of Choice with Chris. What an absolute hoot.

As Ben and James can attest, I had a smile on my face for hours afterward. What an amazing sailboat design and such a joy to sail. Fred has given us an undertaking to assist our journey to learning the ropes of the VX One, as have many others in our community. Despite being babies in the VX One world, as a result of the wonderfully warm welcome, we feel a part of the VX family already.

With Lori’s background as a meteorologist with the Bureau, and my background as a military test pilot come airline pilot, we feel certain we can value-add to our local VX Community.

We look forward to learning as much as we can from our fellow VX One sailors, catch-up to the pack, and aspire to sail for fun and be actively involved in the VX One community.

Learning the ropes from the experts...




That's a wrap folks! Stay safe, see you on the water. Keep VX'n On(e).