Summer Days of VX'n!

VX Ones are *the* thing to do through the summer days!!  With the VIC and NSW States behind us, there is plenty more sailing this season.  If you haven't had the experience and want to try one out, get in touch with us - you won't be disappointed!  New and Used boats are ready for you, right now -  from entry level to brand new and ready to race - check them out and snap one up!


The VX One

The VX One is a modern and light one-design sports boat that has great form stability instead of a deep heavy keel.  It accelerates quickly and sails at wind speed downwind with speeds reaching up to 24 knots. The flat stern sections and chines make it easy to control.  The layout of the VX One is clean and simple, the rig infinately adjustable but set in place for each race.  The self-tacking jib and single line to launch and douse the spinnaker makes it easy to control for a crew of 2 or 3 in all conditions.  This overall simplicity and "ease of use" allows sailors to focus on sailing the boat, on the competition, on the race, and not on minor tweaks that distract and may inevitably have minimal impact. 

With a fast growing fleet in Australia, 50 plus boats sailing and 12 imported in the last year alone, there are no signs of this growth slowing down.  A strict one design but "open" class mentality makes for a short learning curve, great open dock talk and fierce on water competition.  This is definately a class to get in on! 

The VX One is a class for the future, exciting, affordable and very competitive.  A class for the sailors and it's gaining traction with sailors at levels.

What's not to love?  Time to get on board.

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