About the VX One

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The VX One Concept

The VX One is a modern light one-design sports boat that has great form stability instead of a deep heavy keel. She accelerates quickly and sails at wind speed downwind up to 24 knots. The flat stern sections and chines make her easy to control.

On and Off the Water

The VX One is an exciting and fun, 'skiff' style weight assisted planing dinghy or 'sports boat'.  With an easily launched and retrieved single line hoist, single line doust asymmetric spinnaker, a clean and uncomplicated cockpit layout, inherent form stability and the ability to race with either 2 or 3 people on board, the boat is accesible to sailors of many different backgrounds and ages.  Being strictly One Design creates close heart thumping racing and the laid back off water attitude of the sailors leads to fun and inclusive off water activities.  With a vibrant and growing class both here in Aus and overseas, the VX One is getting much attention and attracting sailors at all levels.  It has the formula to be a very successful class and there is no doubt that it's sure to continue to grow and become a well recognised and sought after class in Australia.

The Australian VX One Fleet is growing steadily and demand is high for both new and second hand boats. 

About the class and the boat

Learn more about the VX One sports boat and VX One Australia through the links below.

Upcoming Events

19 Oct
2024 Sail Sandy VX One Invitational
19 Oct 2024 - 20 Oct 2024

Sandringham Yacht Club


2 Nov
2024 RBYC One Design Regatta
2 Nov 2024 - 3 Nov 2024

Royal Brighton Yacht Club


23 Nov
2025 SA State Championship
23 Nov 2024 - 24 Nov 2024

Christies Sailing Club


14 Dec
2025 NSW State Championship
14 Dec 2024 - 15 Dec 2024

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club


15 Jan
2025 VX One National Championship
15 Jan 2025 - 19 Jan 2025

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club